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Sensible Open House Safety Tips When Showing Your House For Sale:

When selling a home FSBO, sellers usually run their own open houses. This can be an excellent way of showing a property to potential buyers. However, there are safety concerns that need careful thought before allowing strangers access to your home. You don't know who they are or what their true intentions might be.

Here's a report of one such open house incident. In Dallas a gunman entered a property, talked on his cell phone and then terrorized the real estate agent with a gun while committing a robbery. The gunman then stole the real estate agents car. In another case, a man unlocked a window at an open house and returned later to burglarized the property. So, with that in mind here are 6 important open house safety tips:

Open House Safety Tips # 1.

Know the fastest "escape" routes from your home. Make sure all deadbolt locks are unlocked to facilitate a faster exit. Make sure if you were to escape by the back door, that you could quickly escape from the backyard.

Open House Safety Tips # 2.

When prospects begin to arrive, jot down their car description, license number and physical description.

Open House Safety Tips # 3.

Have EVERYONE who comes to inspect your open house fill out his or her name, address and phone number on a sign-in sheet FIRST! Keep your open house sign-in sheet near the entrance and make sure it is completed BEFORE showing anyone through the open house.

Open House Safety Tips # 4.

Never show people through your open house on your own. However, if that is unavoidable then consider these options:

  • Make appointments and open your house by appointment only.


  • Let your spouse, friend or neighbor know when you have open house appointments.


  • Arrange to ring your spouse, friend or neighbor as soon as the open house appointment is finished.


  • Have a prearranged time for your spouse, friend or neighbor to phone you if you haven’t already phoned them back.
  • Have a prearranged PASSWORD you can use on the phone if you are in any way uncomfortable with the situation. The password code might be something as simple as “don’t forget the birthday cake.”
Open House Safety Tips # 5.

Never tell a stranger that you can’t show them the house because you won’t be home. That is an open invitation to any criminal. Simply say something like “I’ll be busy then… how about 10:30 instead?”

Open House Safety Tips # 6.

Always tell the open house viewer that you are expecting a visitor to arrive shortly. This could deter anyone who might be considering something criminal. This all might sound a bit extreme, but protect yourself because “it is better to be safe than sorry.” Incidents CAN and DO happen! A final word; remember, when selling your home FSBO, the personal safety of you and your family is more important than property or possessions. Take notice of these open house safety tips.

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